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nat\'h\'acha - Enter the gallery

Last weekend, Nathacha exhibited his paintings and sculptures in the gallery of Plexiglas Hoh, above the library. She uses art to express his rejection of a certain modernity

  Whether in his work or in his commitment as an artist, Nathacha has many claims. Upon entering the gallery, we see painted on computer screens, "Warning virus."


revolutionary claw



  "Plasma screen television or the computer completely absorbed us, we too often they cut from the outside and the other," growls the artist.




  There are also some tables on the revolutionary claw this mom who aspires to better days for his three children. "I added a picture painted in a metallic color to symbolize the time that the mobile phone robs us," says Nathacha.
  Although she has been painting for over 30 years, nothing has damaged his passion, which took her to the four corners of the world. And this is not about to stop for the traveler artist who, after the show, realized by another in London and Paris.
  But there is a country where Nathacha would love to present their work. "China is the country where I want to go. French painters are highly valued and their culture in painting is very interesting, "says the Alsatian artist always in search of new lands.

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