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Whom am I?

Between France and Italy, I was born.

My language speaks about French,
My hands speak about Italian.
But I found my country,
Somewhere under the sky of a border.
At the rate of my feather

It goes and comes. 

Small territory lost in the mist
It takes dimension of Universe
And the whole world gets clearer
When I write passionate person,
Everything me Quite my French words,of my foreign hands

The words are made poetry and then music.
Hammers, burins, saws, in rhythmic dance
Write the wood the metal or the stone....
It is because... In the secret of the workshop,
There is big mystery.
Carrying out their birth with torn loud noise,
 sculptures show themselves under still quite wrinkled skin.
Some more of shouts and faint whispering to smooth her(it),
Well then for ever, will come the silence.
But dumb and immovable,
they say more that yesterday
 Today in their silence, sealed,
 That in the shouts of their birth.

Silence!.. To keep silent becomes then required,
So that in the course of these pages
I can hope to share secrets, So that, only my hands knew how to fetch
In the heart of my heart in hostage.

Sylvie-Shambhalla C


Nécromancien,dragons,small fairies,or mutant,
a whole world of metal in the service of the fantasy.

Wood dressing the representational artist in the delicate,right or extrapolated curves which suffer, which dream,or are born in a resurrection innattendue, as we.
Carrara marble or stones which give birth in a nest of seagreen lights.
 It is the life and the death which are as in the reality. Hope and desespoir and still hope!

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