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Born in French Polynesia, he uses his Tahitian first name, Aris, to sign his paintings. Artwork has been always a great pastime to him. The need to paint becomes inevitable in 2005 by the influence of Ramon de Creeft that encourages him to this way.


As an autodidact, his artwork reflects an astonishing freshness closer to the naïve impressionism. Inspired by the Viking mythology from his own origins, he creates subjects inspired from the times he lived in Africa, reflecting landscapes and populations that impressed him particularly.


He expresses himself with a good choice of themes loaded with symbolism, on an almost childlike manner, showing hidden senses and meanings that can be revealed by a watchful look at his artwork.


He searches far away places, looks for bright colours, impressionist quiet and agitated seas and skies which reveal his unconquerable spirit and at the same time the magnificence and joy of life; suddenly, his paints become strongly impregnated by his own revealed perceptions.


Some of his creations express some life experiences, and unknown feelings appear as esoteric works of art where the spirit detaches himself from the material world and where the approach of the “near” and “after” death experiences are represented with simplicity and duality.


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