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Argelich was born in 1945 in a little village in Barcelona, where she has lived all these years.
Since her youth she has adored the art of decoration, and she has had this art always marked in her feelings. A restless person, but full of imagination, humanity and of course full of energy. Twenty years ago, she decided to capture all her feelings and anxieties, to capture the inner life, the sensations, to capture the poem of life. She began with abstract painting, with her own free style, but fours years ago it was not enough , she had so many things to tell the world, to share, that she made her first step towards an informalist art, independent, inclassifiable, a recycled art.
Her idea is to divulge the culture of retraining through her own artistic manifestation.
In her works she uses any material: plastic, wood, metal, cloths, tubes, umbrellas, wires, cardboards, etc under intense paint brushes which gives certain relieve to her works.
She makes art, but is an art which helps us to think a little bit about the beauty that surrounds  life, and apart from that in her works, the elements agree themselves to keep the environment.

Last year in 2005 she opened her first thematic collection inspired in building materials and sanity wares.
Nowadays she is exposing her works in several places of Spain.

Argelich has obtained publications in magazines as “Cosmopolitan”, “Interior design”,
“Habitania”, “Casa Viva” and “Project Contract between others. And also has collabored in television programs in several Spanish channels.

Her hands give life to any abandoned material, object, and gives birth to a  new ART

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