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I was born in 1956 at Bar-le-Duc, Meuse, France.
Passing through Nancy Artschool during 2 years,
Creations of patchwork canvas in Lyon area,
Meeting with theater uniiverse in Montpellier then Paris,
Theater costumer and decorator during 10 years
Audio-visual license in Saint-Charles university in Paris
Comeback to graphic tecnics from 1990 ( rough for publicity )
Training of decoration painting in 1994, I work to-day
As a decoration painter ...

Personal & collective exhibitions since 1997

I began to paint on canvas with a rich pigmental material and various textile supports
Several trips throughout Mexico brought to me the color energy , and much visual emotions ;
I kept teir traces trhough photos which are sometimes the frame, and the sensitive memory of my work ; today I integrate pastings and narrating traces into my canvas

Some artistic events in which I have participated:

2005 : collective exhibition : Opened doors of Belleville
"tango colors" at Village Suisse Paris 15
personal exhibition : " tango paintings " at Danimmobilier Paris 10°

2004 : show " ArtNatureAnimaux Malakoff
exhibition" Vies-ages at centre Maurice Ravel Paris 12° with C.Corinthios, paintor, and E.Peschard writer

2003 :" Ménilmontant artists studios" with D.Hermellin sculptor
personal exhibition in Val Thorens ( chalet oxalys )
Belleville opened doors ( MJC Les Hauts de Belleville )

2002 : " encuentros " cultural center Jesus Heroles, Coyoacan, Mexico D.F. with Ramon Palacios , paintor
Show of contemporan art Vincennes

2001 : gallery AAB , Paris 20 ° ya des pigments dans l’air Paris 20°

2000 : gallery AAB " les pigments en jazz " " pigments in jazz "
small formats Mexico 2000 c/o Henri Pinci ( ateliers 106 )

1999 : gallery République Saint-Dizier , Haute-Marne

1998 : exhibition " travels " house of Amandiers Paris 20 °

1997 Portes ouvertes de Belleville, Paris 20°

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