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Born in Barcelona, Spain, 1961.

Self-taught, started drawing and painting in her youth.

1980-83. Studied at the School of Art in Murcia (Spain).

1979-84. Studied Philosophy at the University of Murcia (Spain),

1989-90. Studied ceramics at the Ceramic Aragón School in Barcelona (Spain).

2001-04. Studied painting at the Art Tedar School in Valencia (Spain).

She enjoys working in detail. Her very own personal style could be defined as “realist”. Her paintings are original and portray the countryside she has encountered on her travels.

My painting cannot be separated from my other passion, philosophy.  I am a philosophy teacher and a painter. Philosophy is the creation of concepts and painting is the creation of –visual - sensations. For me, both to live and to create are essential. To quote F. Nietzsche: “Without art, life would be a mistake”

My painting is figurative. I search a real perception in a word-free, sensation driven world.  Through my paintings, I seek to ignite an emotional state that will place us in that particular instant, in an ever-lasting moment.

The landscapes I have visited are one of my sources of inspiration. Landscapes are not only just a part of nature since they are also imprinted with the trace of humanity, past and present, and they preserve something rather sacred, what W. Benjamin defined as “halo”.

My landscape works tell the story of primary and unrepeatable experiences. My meticulous brush does not cease in its aim to give sense to those forms and shapes drawn, it is the melody within the flow of creativity. Painting must awake feeling in you, it cannot be explained with words.

Individual exhibitions:
June 2004, “Centre Excursioniste” in Valencia (Spain).
August 2004, Hotel “Les Fontaines” in Alcossebre (Castellón, Spain).

August 2005, The town Hall in Alcossebre (Castellón, Spain).

August 2011, The town Hall in Alcossebre (Castellón, Spain).

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