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      Everywhere communicate,combine themselves, run up the force and softness.
The cradle of the life is a force of nature, the sea.
The meeting with water when the light comes through the sky.
If the life is also born from the osmosis between the force of a man and the softness of a woman, hearts yield to the war just where hardness and insensitivity are.
But hardness, in't it the mask of weak? Is not the force be born from resistance?
The ribbons cannot they bend iron, to reinforce the links of a corset, or to dance with the liking of the wind?
Do not draw one his forces in tenderness within a mother, into the rhythmic one of its heart?
Is not it alleviating to count some time the waves when they cherish sand? When times after times they leave but return to intertwine the rocks.
What to say small brook which the wheel of the mill involves? Doesn't th force lie in constancy?
What to say brittleness about these trampled germs which get through the parisian's pavement, about their perseverance to break their bitumen egg. These soft and resistant stems which nights after nights, could become large oaks well?
The force isn't this also that of the borer snows?
What to say if not the force comes from the migratory swans which cross up the Himalayan chain twice a year. Doesn't the force lie in the constant renewal of their quiet performances?
Leonard da Vinci said:"smallest of cat -like is larger than the largest human". My cats see me in the dark...no, they look at me.
These gods of desert jump higher than us, run more quickly than us, are equipped with claws and hooks, they fascinate me by their softness, their tenderness, their patience, their contagious serenity.
I can believe well that one can be hard and fragile at the same time, like iron, the women, the mothers, the ribbons, the cat-like ones, the light and the sea.
But with the top of all, I remain moved to see that one can be soft and strong at the same time, like iron, the women, the mothers, the ribbons, the cat-like ones, the light and the sea.
This alliance is the message to detect in my painting, the secret of my balance, my key to soil. You to make it divide is a dream to see being extended the harmonize.
So, some still confuse sensitivity and brittleness, force and hardness, may I to only have spoken them about the sources where I draw my forces and invite them here to water.


  I was born in Chatou, France in 1973.
 When I was five years old, I grew in front of the island of the impressionists at a Rudolph Steiner's school with artistic calling:"Perceval"
I have learned how to look instead of seeing, to listen to, rather to hear, to undertake.

  As of my majority, I continued studies at a preparatory class of finest art in the middle of Paris:"prép'Art".
I studied the various techniques of drawing and painting, the rough, the CAD...to put my tools, my hands, and my heart like an artist.

I have learned how to feel and make feel.

  As a young adult, I continued higher learning at the higher learning of communication's institute:"ISCOM Paris.
There I obtained a diploma for the occupation of graphic designer-model maker.

I found my identity...I definitely chose painting.

  During fifteen years which followed, I have been a mom, I travelled, walking a lot of miles on the coastguard path. From Amsterdam to Palma de Mallorca, from Hong Kong via Bangkok, while passing in Borneo, Miami, New York, Pointe-à-Pitre...I wanted to see all the shores around the world.

Then, I have captured the emotion that offered each evening, the sky's beauty, the strong of the waves, but their softness too.

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