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Andruchak is a painter and University Professor of art in São Paulo, Brazil.
Marcos Andruchak is Ph.D. by the School of Communication and arts of the Sao Paulo University. He works with mural paintings full of collour, based on sensibility.
The acrylics help construct the geometricist style.

Brasilian artist, the painter Marcos Andruchak creates magnificent sensitively rendered works in an unusual approach to geometricism customized for each work. Unconventional perspectives, the accuracy application of paint, descontinuities and a multicolored border and the deletion of orienting details are characteristic of his style. This method creates a tension between what is seen and unseen, forcing the audience to extrapolate the message and participate in the act of creation. His works deal with a variety of modern approach including visions that display a remarkable wealth of talent for rendering the natural world by a geometrical view.


Marcos Andruchak’s geometricist painting have a rhythmic quietness that is both soothing and unsettling. Andruchak’s art delicately isolate poignant natural moments, yet they also effectively question our ability to fully understand the world around us. This push and pull between the beauty and the uncertainty of abstraction ore figurative is what makes Andruchak’s work compelling. Falling apart and coming together at the same time, the moments in his painting emphasize the cyclical, processbased characteristics of nature and also suggest that ruptures in the finite world might bring us closer to the unknowable, spiritual realm.


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