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(I don't speak very well english, so excuse me for this translation)

I was born in Rennes in France, on the 4th august in 1980.

Self-taught painter, I draw and apint since the adolescence. It's difficult talking about oneself, so I will cite touching me that painter's sebntences.

"All along my life, I need thinking painting, seing paintings, making painting to help me living, to free me from believes, every sensations, every anxiety which I only found other solution."

Nicolas de Staël

"I don't apint to create art. It's a whish who find its roots in human sorrow's inmost dephts and wants to give sense to happens in the most private of my bing, to extract it to the past."

Lyonel Feininger

"The painting's act requires so obedience that it becomes hypnosis, that it us extracts so to our being to the point of the time and th people who are aroune us don't existe any more. Any act, any shox don't abolish us more, and vaen this painting act (or drawing) represents a therapeutic."

Jean Cocteau

"Day without more... All stupid. Absurd, whithout sense. And we have to protect us, immobile, and aven find his rythm. A sense finally, if it wasn't those troubles, there are others. We have to try no letting us impress by every thos people. And continuing our way saying "shit'" to the other people. Succeed in saving ou work of art's integrity. Its purity."

Bernard Buffet

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