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He was born in Argentina in 1965.

Study architecture in the University of Buenos Aires.

In 1996 get his graduation as the first one of his promotion.

Interior design and Feng-Shui are his specialisations.

He receives several awards and his work is well considered by the architectural press.

In 1997 takes part of the “Autumns Salon of Buenos Aires”, receives various awards and a number of publications about his work appeared.

The Italian origin by his mother’s ancestors, his feelings by his European’s roots increased. 

In 2002 he moves to Paris.

While he works as interior designer its artistic productions improves to become more important since 2007.

His paintings are based in memories. “Secrets of family” serial express clearly his intentions to look at the past without melancholy, as a criticism to get into reflexion.

Remembers without nostalgia used as raw material for the creation of something more hale, more free.

Digitally modifies ancients photographs are a denunciation about non objectivity of ours remembers: we will disguise them in order to say what we want to here.

The utilisation let him to play with transparencies of oil, the “grattage”, and divers forms of applications in successive coats of paint. It results a plenty surface to make out. Is just that scared skin which makes visible the story of these images stole from the memory.

His first conceptual video let him to extend to others expressions to increase his artistic conception.

The subject of his work became more exciting, more universal.

The past is a strong partner.

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