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« Loving something means to will that it lives. »
The perspective of the unique and unrepeatable life is only symbolic, the never-coming-back moment focused in a point on the two dimension surface.
Just like a visiting card, the heart beating of the pulsating, eternal love which unfolds from the dark of the low-keyed background. It’s the moment which tightens to extreme on emotional and physical level.
The fragment of the unthinkable moments which precedes the eruption in the vision of the enlarging organic and imaginary universe.
The life of man is like a dewdrop on a flower petal, vanishes without a trace with the sunrise.
After the next breathing nothing remains as it was before, everything changes definitively and irrevocably.
The feminine fingers holding the paint brush with libidous sensuality are transmitting themselves to the internal “non-conformist” model.
They are diffusing with instinctual automatism in the paradoxical closed universe of the shoreless freedom.
The reformulated archaic symbols are complying with the natural principles.
The canvas is the question of the materialised permanent returning human relations, the cohesive power of love.
Are you good, if the others love you and you are close to them?
The illustrated reproduction of the elegantly grandiose abstract phantasm is dissolving on Éva E. Szabó’s canvases in an intimate and dynamic erotism.
First of all she’s a sensitive woman, she’s not engaged in politics, she’s creating love in the world perceived with six organs of senses.
Through her sketching, her forms, her colours, her personal charm, through her assiduous, exemplary life she’s adding a morsel to the marvel that surrounds us.
Since more than twelve years she feels inclination to share with the others beyond the self-expression her thoughts, her feelings, her experiences in the mirror of her paintings.
In her childhood she received provisions from the atmosphere of Etyek, the nostalgically mentioned village in Fejér county.
She lived to see the energetic and dynamic peace and love 70’s in Budapest as teenager; she identified herself with all her being with the children of flower ideology.
As adult she’s the loving mother of two children. Later in an introversive, a new scale of values established, metaphoric period of her life, a new horizon opens its gates.
The old, considered-forgotten dreams are returning. She starts to create.
She begins as autodidact, with time she gets encouragement, advices, assistance from other experienced painters.
Experiencing several materials and techniques, she finds her way very soon.
Preserving the physical perception’s experience to the material, she carries up the colours to the canvas surface mostly manually.
She often writes poems to her paintings.
Citation from her poem called Enchantment of colours:
I paint my dreams, I paint your eyes,
in which I see your souls as coloured mirrors.
I paint my life, my happiness and my sorrow,
seeking and searching myself, walking on my way.
If only the enchantment of colours never goes away,
in which my soul found its eternal resignation


Etyek  -  Bot  - Chapel
Budapest  - Terézium 

2004 Budapest -  Inter  Art

2004 Szarvas -  Tessedik Sámuel - Museum 

2004 Békésszentandrás - Bibliothek

Siófok -  Kultur Center
Polland - Lodz
Budapest - Szabó Ervin Bibliothek
2005 Szarvas -  Tessedik Sámuel - Museum
2005 Békésszentandrás -Bibliothek

2005 Budapest -  Inter Art

2005 Budapest - Hauer –Pastry Shop

2006 Budapest -Westend City Ofice Center

2007 Etyek

2008 Budapest- Inter Art

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