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60 ans et quelques printemps

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                  Born the 19th february  in Oran
                  Painter and sculptor
Cité Émir Abdelkader ex : Saint-Rémy
        Lotissement 87 N° 79
                                             31120 ORAN
                                                         ( Algéria )  .
           N°Tel & Fax :   +213 41 54 41 37 .
          N° Tel Mobile : +213 7 78 56 68 95 .

Very young, I felt attracted by the arts; pushed in it by my parents very sensitive to my desires and to my wishes. My parents introduced me to the neighbor, Mr Mounier, who was himself a painter. Brother also Mr. MULPHIN, Director of Fine Arts in Oran at that time.
Joined in September 1957 with a learning of 03 years, I attended the same high school Ardaillon as a student.
I had to drop the fine arts, and integrate the normal school in September 1959 to teach.
After a career full of good 42 years including 28 years as director of college, retired December 31, 2001.

-Graduate certificate in taxidermy museum "Musée de l'homme" in Paris in 1978.
- Teacher trainer artistic studies at the Institute of Technology of Oran 1999/2001.
-Teacher-trainer frames.
-Member of the National Union of Plastic Arts in 1977.
-Secretary-General of the National Union of Plastic Arts of the ancient Igamie Oran (ex department of Oran), 1975-1979 first term of office of the head office of the Mouhafada UNAP of Oran.
-Secretary-General of the National Union of Plastic Arts, the second term from 1980 to 1984 head of the office of tourism tourist office in Oran.
-Exhibitions in french galleries in Paris, between the years 1970 and1978 in  House of Artists in Paris, Lafayette Street (at Mr. Mercier).

        - Exhibition at Gallery Raymond Ramos 1969-1975.
       -Exhibition at the 20th Anniversary of 1st November 1954.
       -Exhibition at the Oran's Theatre, 15 to 30 May 1974.

      -Exhibition at the House of Culture: Tribute to Etienne Dinet chapôtée by Mr. Wali Aktouf M'sila.
M'SILA: - Exhibition at the festival Kalaa Beni Hamad of 16 to 19 May 1975.
ORAN: - Exhibition at the French Cultural Center May 17 to 30, 1976.
         - Exhibition at the Academy of Oran on the occasion of the Knowledge Day 1976.
        - Exposure to IAP in Arzew 1976.
         - Exhibition on the occasion of the annual festival of Mecheria October 26, 1976.
            - Exhibition at the gallery MOHAMED Racim, Algiers in 1977.
       - Exhibition at the gallery visitor center UNAP of Oran's 2 to 17 June 1977.
         - Exhibition at Gallery Hotel Eden-Phoenix, painting and sculpture of 22 to 28 May 2008.
- Exhibition at Gallery Hotel Eden-Phoenix first exhibition of painters of Oran's 12 to 17 June 2008
         - Exhibition of painting and wood carving gallery DOWNSTREAM - Sonatrach's first gold medal at 21/07/2009
         -Exhibition of paintings and wood carvings cultural center of Tlemcen, 22 to 29/10/2009
TIZI OUZOU: Exhibition of paintings and wood carvings cultural center of Tizi Ouzou, 12 / 16/12/2009 at the centenary of painter Zmirli  Mohamed.
          - Exhibition of painting and wood carving museum Ahmed Zabana Oran's 06 / on 21/01/2010.
TAMANRASSET: Painting exhibition of 16 contemporary art exhibition to 21/02/2010 in Tamanrasset
         -4th Exhibition of figurative painting exhibition of visual arts Djurdura from 21 to 25/02/2010 House of Culture of Tizi Ouzou.
HAOUD Berkaoui:
       - Solo painting
basic wood carving
life Haoud Berkaoui Sonatrach from 02 to 08/03/2010
        - Exhibition of painting and woodcarving second spring exhibition of Saida in the cultural center of Saida, 21 to 23/03/2010.
           -Exhibition of paintings and wood carvings third Eden salon painters Khaima space of 05 to 12/06/2010 Oran Es-Senia.
         Solo exhibition-painting and wood carving Aboubakr Belkaid of Tlemcen University at the International Workshop: management and use of municipal solid waste in the context of sustainable development from 09 to 10/10/2010 the theme of the works focused on waste .
               - Exhibition of painting and carving the first national exhibition of plastic arts cultural center Abdelhalim Hemche from 17 to 20/10/2010.
             Exhibition of contemporary painting, Ministry of Culture Moufdi Zakaria third autumn fair 27/10/2010 to 31/01/2011 Algiers.
            Painting Exhibition-3rd Salon Saida from 31/10/2010 to 03/11/2010 House of Culture in the province of Saida.
          - Exhibition of figurative painting towards the culture of the Oran area of 06 to 20/11/2010 El Bahia.
M'SILA: Exhibition of painting and wood carving of the second North African art exhibition of 01 to 04/11/2010 M'sila the library of the city of M'Sila.
            - Exhibition of paintings and sculptures first Mediterranean Art Biennial
Contemporary Oran from 27 to 29/11/2010. Media in the cathedral city of Oran.
            -Contemporary Painting Exhibition
First national exhibition. House of Culture of Ain ​​Temouchent from 20 to 23/12/2010.
            -Exhibition of paintings and wood sculpture exhibition area
  Bechar cultural center of Bechar ranked third prize of the Arts
the plastic lounge Bechar 20 to 23/12/2010.
 -Exhibition of paintings and sculptures
  Wood first national exhibition "balances" of 21-22-23 in March 2011 House of Culture Mohamed Boudiaf. Bordj Bou Ariridj.
            - Exhibition of paintings and wood cusulpure first national exhibition
visual arts, 3 - 4 to 5 April 2011 growhouse Adrar.
             - Exhibition of painting and wood carving XVI Convention National Lions Club and Sheraton Oran Hotel Art In the 29 to 30 April 2011.
             -Exhibition of paintings and sculptures of the 5th art of the House of Culture of the Wilaya of TEBESSA of 22 to 26 May 2011.
          -Exhibition of paintings at the 2 nd exhibition of visual arts the house of culture of the Wilaya of Boumerdes of Rachid Mimouni of 22 to 25 May 2011 Boumerdes. collaboration with the EHU and the association of Oran-IN ART. From 9 to 11 June 2011.
            Painting Exhibition-1st edition of the medical art on the theme of "sclerosis" in collaboration with the EHU and the association of Oran-IN ART. From 9 to 11 June 2011.
             Capital of Islamic culture. Exhibition of paintings and sculptures of the painters and sculptors TLEMCEN the surrounding of 21 June 2011 to July 20, 2011. At the museum of art and history of Tlemcen.
            - Member of the Taylor Foundation.
Association of painters and sculpteurs.PARIS.

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