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I am 37 years old and I have recently completed my first novel. I have enjoyed studying philosophy and languages and I want to continue to explore these things and enjoy my life, be enraptured by myself, taste existence and genuinely respond to the world without resorting to mere mimicry in spite of its delights. With any luck I will find something similar in others but its a demanding business which I sometimes find impossible. I look at the art world and I feel that you might be the only ones who might understand however I have been staring at pornography for the past two years and the mental cost means i am not sure if i will be able to stimulate anyone that I find worthwhile. And to be honest, i feel so f***** sh***y that I have no desire to meet anyone. i am content to gab away to my imaginary friends in coffee houses and bars, wandering aimlessly through market places and flinching at the sight of buskers. I am nagged into making eye contact with a world that doesn't want to look and couldn't even if it wanted to. (This vague description will most likely be subject to review following repeated simulations and interrogation).

I began this work over 14 years ago amidst an intense spiritual period. I was sitting in the shared bedroom of my ex-girlfriend's flat when i accidentally waved my digital camera at the computer I had failed to make purchase payments for. The result I saw in the viewfinder led to an obsession lasting for the next 4 years.

The art form eventually became meaningless to me. Years later however the world surrounding my work breathed new life into the art. I ask if this work has an immanent quality?

I am not trained in the arts and I taught myself.


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