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Artist, cryptic writer, disciple of Joyce, Beckett and
Nabokov, exposed to all forms of normative fetters, with a hatred for every
type of collective encroachment, a prose-writer of the artistic insurrection,
both a rough moralist and mocking iconoclast, two lumps of sugar falling in
the dregs of the night or more prosaically speaking, two
tranquillizers slipping into one’s coffee, Sacha Martins presses the
"pronominal suspect" of an hyper-narcissistic "I" and plays
with the historicized "him" that the Roman Emperors revelled in.

With a formal training as an engineer and mathematician, I have a degree
in electronics from the Engineering College of Paris and a post-graduate
diploma in micro-system architecture. I have a true passion for the
vitality of construction of contemporary philosophy. As a voracious reader
of almost every kind of Literacy, my career path is dominated by curiosity as
much as heterogeneousness; creation is the oxygen which feeds my blood. Standing
at each end of the spectrum at once, my mediation to the world is as well
governed by the harshness of the logic elaborations of the rational thought as
by the ups and downs and the outbursts of intuition. I think it is not improper
to consider that this cataclysm of ill-assorted elements haunts my every work. It
is now ten years since I have begun to spread tropes and shades,
rhymes and reasons, pains and motifs, prose and poetry right on the raw
material of the photographic canvas and on the vellum of anonymous pages. I
have created approximately fifty digital engravings intended to be printed in
large format, and have written two experimental novels as well as four plays.

Mainly working on the basis of photographic inlaying inside richly coloured
conglomerations, the graphic material is shaped through the use of
metamorphosis and by superimposing personal photographs as well as valuable
advertisements published by contemporary mediums. My works deal with the
implied dialectics of confinement and alienation through an abundance of
textures and colours which imprison and release through an incessant journey
between distance and proximity, between the familiar and the exotic, between
the interior and the exterior. The shapes appearing on the surface of each of
my pictures inexplicably, inexorably and inextricably become entangled as a
watermark, sparsely erasing the outlines of the three plans giving structure to
our mediation to the world, according to the Psychoanalysis, Reality,
Imaginary and Symbolism.

My digital engravings are available on Artabu's
website. However, my written exactions, my novels and my plays constitute the
touchstone of my personal website, which I invite you to visit.
Thank you in advance.

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