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Already distinguished since several years in exhibitions for the sweetness and the tenderness of the faces on the pictures, the shaded beauty, often out of monochrome painting of its still life, the delicate vividness of its landscapes, the expression its animals, This artist goes from admiration to amazement and reaches the summit of her art,

This figurative painter, with the recognized talent, made herself known through many local exhibitions, or through personal contacts.

She started up in 1978 with a group of local artists (Amicale des Artistes Francais de Vincennes) and a meeting with a contact in Paris at the Duncan gallery, Rue de Seine where she exposed some canvases without forgetting her distinguished participation in the ‘ 48th Salon des Surindependants’ in 1981.

The start of her career was marked by many personal exhibitions at which she received numerous flattering appreciations.

  • March 1980 : Cimaise Gallery

  • December 1980 : Pascal Exhibition

  • November 1981 : Breuil Gallery

  • December 1982 : Hérouet gallery

In 1989 Christine Pultz uses her talent for fashion and the ‘haute couture’ through a group called (L’ANDAPT) and this enables her to work on several themes including painting on silk through many exhibitions.

  • Produce exchange of Paris in May 1989/Bicentenary of the revolution

  • National car museum in Mulhouse in April 1992/centenary of the car

  • Palace of UNESCO in June 1993/Road of silk

  • Palace of UNESCO in June 1993/the fashion

  • European technological institute of the music of  Le Mans in October 1994/The music

Later, Christine Pultz was congratulated by David Douillet for the painting she did representing the ex Judo European Champion (Lionel Grossain) when he was presented with the Legion d’Honneur.

  • Exhibition on the theme of Nudes in June 2005 at the Porte de Champerret

  • 2nd Prize of oil-base painting of  the pond of Verneuil for all of her work (2005)

  • Exhibition for small formats in October 2005


  • Exhibition at the Porte de Champerret ‘Nature and Animals’  (December 2005)

  • National Exhibtion for Felines Art of Modeling -   March 2006

  • Bailly institute - April 2006
    QUINCY SOUS SENART - Exhibition 2006 - "KOJIRO AKAGI"


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