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Loïc PERREL, trained in the school of arts applied by the city of Lyon, graduate of a license(Bachelor's degree) of plastic arts in the Sorbonne, practices above all as artist-painter. His varied work presents a big pictorial and ideological wealth. To teach the graphics design, the computer graphics and the plastic expression allows him besides to develop a critical spirit as for the relevance of its work and so to develop it.
Settled in Paris for two years, as "Poasson" in the water, he combines various graphic and pictorial techniques to build a reflection around the subjects of the balance and the identity.
" The Kingdom of the identities " is his object of conception and creation. It marks the research for a harmonious composition of varied elements, representational and symbolic, the shapes of which result from diverse observed realities, during journeys, during readings and the other wanderings.
The appropriate characteristics of the representation of an element reveal the identity. Consisted in the space, these identities give to see certain balance. It is from the game between these characteristics and the space that arise modification and modulation of the balance.
The work varied of the line shows the movement, the dynamics and the rhythm of the image. So, the relation between its musicality and the identity of the elements which composes it becomes the key of its understanding and its interpretation. The steady contrasts of the used tones allow to create a marked and rhythmical reading of this last one.
The performance, the living being by definition, will at first allow to deepen this approach. From the spontaneity of the creation, musically given rhythm, will be born a dynamic and well-balanced composition of recognizable visual elements. Besides, by allying music and paint, we shall estimate the changes operated on the various identities and the transformation of the global balance of the image.

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