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Painting, color forms have always been part of my life. 

After three years at the Fine Arts and more studio practice, I throw myself lost in painting and sculpture body. I participated in many exhibitions. 


Creations Workshop Patlyne are original and unique works. 

It is in my life that I draw my inspiration. 

          Real or unreal for painting trips. 

          Love shapes for carving. 

Life, love and friendship become and appear in warm and soft colors. 

Reflection, emotion, the mirror of consciousness, off in the meditation you will find it in my paintings. 

My painting allows me to express my emotions and harmony in my pictorial approaches. 

My favorite subjects are: love, travel introspection; this is reflected in my life and in my creations. 

In my studio inspiration flows and expresses: watercolor, drawing, painting, sculpture are loyal partners. 

My tools: Oil, knife, material, color, a way to let the idea come at your fingertips then there arise from my painting of aircraft and unreal characters, landscapes with flowing lines or blurry that traveling between the figurative and the imaginary.
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