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Aurelio Nicolazzo was born in Udine on March 16 1964. The father, Officer in the Italian Army moved often to work with his mom, in northern Italy, to arrive in Rome in 1969. Aurelio fulfilled all the educational and cultural into the capital of Italy, following classical studies and specializing in computer science. Since the late'70s proved to be a good insolvency poetic, resulting again in 1997 in the book "Instante", Lithos Publishing, which contains the summary of the three collections: "Immagini Esistenziali" (1979-1991), "La Rivolta" (1991 -1996) And "Sensazioni" (1997). In 2001 Publish the book "I Volti e i Giorni" in confirming his liking for lyricism and poetry of life. In 1986 began the journey started painting the opera "The study of Galileo", which will leave and will end only in 1990. The work was finished on July 29. Since then a continuous series of books, with some years of interruption due to personal difficulties. He attended the Rome University of Fine Arts, the Free Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (the only private academy recognized by the Italian Republic), with a free course of one year and two months, from October 2004 to December 2005. He has exhibited since 2003 in various exhibitions official in Rome and in Italy. He also wrote scripts for short films and a novel, as well as a book of information technology. He also produced video on his work as a painter and his social status over the years. And some short movies. From the name and surname came the pseudonym Elio Lazzaro Unico, subsequently amended Elio Lazzaro. In March 2007 the name of art disappear along and, after an exhibition in Trieste in June 2007, which was presented so, will the name of Elio Nicolazzo, in art Lazzaro. In the end Elio Lazzaro Unico.  He suffered from psychological problems and received medical care and medicines for many years and still. Made many exhibitions in Italy and published many artworks. After many exposition in all the Italy, he partecipated to the catalogue "Italiani of the Professor Vittorio Sgarbi", in the 2016. In the 2017 two his artworks entered into the Vittorio Sgarbi Collection of Ferrararecorded as two graphic artworks. In the 2018 won the price as "Maestro d'Arte - Eccellenza Europea delle Arti", professor Paolo Levi. 

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