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Vie silencieuse

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Enthralled d 'arts, all my life j 'ai evolved in graphic arts.

For some years, I took back the brush. I dip it diligently into the impressionism.

To raise coloured rich clothes and in movements, I paint in the envi, in acrylic, in pastel or in oil according to my "impulses": acrylic to express me faster, in the pastel for feeling and in oil for material.

« I try first to be delighted. (…) My brushes feel more and more comfortable in big formats ».

My topics are numerous and eclectic. 

« Nowadays I am for a period when I find my inspiration in the study of movement and in night ambiences ». 

J 'ai join a group of painters Poitevin: " The painters of Jorigny "

Prevailed in the 22nd Living room of the artists de la Roche-Posay in May, 2011 
Price of drawings in the 23rd Living room of the artists de la Roche-Posay in May, 2012 

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