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Doris B. Lambling

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Hello my friend ! from Brigitte Hintner - Wednesday, Mar-07-2007
Hello dearest artist !!!

I absolutely agree with Ginger Lovelette's just a matter of time _ some day you will be famous !!!! Your use of colours and compositions is always so impressive and unique ....your images always go straight into the hearts of the viewer !!! Bravo !!!:)

Liebe Doris wünsche Dir weitehin viel Energie und Schaffenskraft !
Alles Liebe ,
Great work! from Anne Vis - Tuesday, Feb-27-2007
You have a great gallery here, Doris! Keep up the good work!
Just a matter of time....some day you will be famous! from Ginger Lovellette - Thursday, Feb-22-2007
Dear, dear Doris! Your marvelous work is just the type that might not be 'discovered' in yours and my lifetimes but some day, it will be the inspiration for up and coming young artists. Definitely an inspiration to me today but I predict your paintings to be very famous sometime in the future. It is an honor and pleasure to know you and your work!!!
Explosion of deep feelings... from nelly van nieuwenhuijzen - Thursday, Feb-22-2007
Dearest Doris! You are for me the most wonderful artist I know!
Your works are coming right from you heart and
are showing plenty of warm and deep feelings.
They are an explosion of colors, vibrations and happiness.
I'm so happy to have you in my life.
Old AW Friend from Misty Livingston - Wednesday, Feb-21-2007
Hi Doris! I have disappeared for a while because of work and school and family issues to manage. It's great to see that you are still out there doing such wonderfully creative work and inspiring people in the world with your talent and spirit. Keep up the good work, and say hello sometime!
My compliments!!!! from Angela Taylor - Wednesday, Feb-21-2007
Your work has always been wonderful to be. It speaks to me with your use of color being so loud and full of emotions. I'm glad that those who choose have the ability to let others know how wonderful your work is to them. :)
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