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Suzanne Berton

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Beautiful Work from Daniella Bower - Wednesday, Feb-06-2013
I love your work and the vibrant colours. My favourites are Lake Ontario
in Kingston, Tulips Crosshatched and Apples. Beautiful crosshatching!
Pyrography from Andre Lachaine - Tuesday, Mar-20-2012
I am a beginner pyrographist , living in Kingston, and I add oil pastels to my woodburnings.
I am looking for a canadian suppllier of basswood plaques and any information concerning pyrographic artists in Kingston.
Merci d'avance pour toute information que vous pourriez me procurer
Andre Lachaine
bonjour from xavierra@freekmail.f - Tuesday, Jun-03-2008
Très joli site web. S’il vous plaît envoyez-moi plus à
bonjour! from xavierra@freekmail.f - Monday, May-19-2008

très joli site web. espérons recevoir bientôt de vos nouvelles from Cybil - Sunday, Apr-13-2008
Quel grand site Web vous avez ! Merci pour tout le travail que vous devez avoir mis dans faire ceci. Il est vraiment grand de voir quelqu'un mettre toujours le travail dans des pages Web de nos jours. Il semble comme la plupart des personnes ont oublié à quel point les emplacements importants comme ceci sont.
mrs from guita mohit-pusun - Sunday, Feb-17-2008
hello suzanne,
just by haphazard read your poem on 'art speaks a silent voice...2006'
wel.its just great n expressive poem!a lovely poem !ur paintings are very colourful too !
happy and glad to have known u thro' net.appreciating cose am also am artist from mauritius !!


congrats again !!your works are very nice !!

Love it ALL from Philippe Etchenique - Friday, Oct-05-2007
J'ai juste trouve vos cartoons GREAAAAAT !
Hello from Michael Chatman - Saturday, Sep-22-2007
Hello Suzanne, I like your paintings. I see that you like to use watercolor and acrylics, which I
like to use also. In fact some of your paintings are similar to mine. Keep up the good work
and I look forward to seeing more from you.
Proud To Know You! from William Harrison - Thursday, Jun-21-2007
I was very pleased with your writings you Posted on our site at:, no longer in use.
However we will never forget you and enjoy to see you write for us again in something NEW, we hope to have soon! on, coming in September /07.
Lovely person! from Linda Plourde - Tuesday, Jun-19-2007
Wow, Suzanne it is so wonderful to hear that will still have special people around that are caring, and sensitive toward other. You have lots of talents, and it is great that you are sharing you gift with the people. Take care and God bless!
no theme from Peter_Dorinzon Peter_Dorinzon - Sunday, Apr-15-2007
Perfect work. Great site. Add more pictures. It'll make your site more attractive.

Thnx for your big job from alisaMN alisaMN - Monday, Jan-15-2007
Very interesting.
Best regards authors.
Hello from Anneke Hut - Sunday, Jan-14-2007
Suzanne, I love your art! It's so cheerful and wonderful coloured!
Thanks for sharing it with us.
l'iSight enfin utile ! from HelenJames HelenJames - Thursday, Jan-11-2007
Very intersting site
I wish you prosperity
Best wishes. Helen
grâce à un signet ! from Lisavilson Lisavilson - Thursday, Jan-11-2007
Big thnx 2 author. Very interesting.
I wish you prosperity
Best wishes.
Thanks you for your work. from alexdixis alexdixis - Monday, Jan-01-2007
Very Interesting
Thanks you for your work.
Best regards.
Best regards ss a from lindavids lindavids - Saturday, Dec-30-2006
Thank you for your site Resp.
And Happy New Year.
Boby from Ronny - Monday, Jul-31-2006
Nice site its very interesting site! your site is fantastic.
Dnnys from Amanda - Monday, Jul-31-2006
This website is Great! I will recommend you to all my friends. I found so much useful things here. Thank you.
Ronny from Ronny - Sunday, Jul-30-2006
This is very interesting site...
Amanda from Amanda - Saturday, Jul-29-2006
Great site. I will bookmark for my sons to view as well!!!
Den from Den - Friday, Jul-28-2006
You guys do a wonderful job! Keep up the good work!!!
Itruly envy people who can draw from pauline - Friday, Jul-14-2006
I have so many ideas, but can't draw a straight line! I love your style Sue, your inner self exposed for the world to see: a woman full of life and caring and.....
Quelle agréable visite from Marie-Claude LESCOP - Thursday, Mar-30-2006
Un voyage magnifique parmis vos oeuvres, une gaité dans les couleurs, j'aime particulièrement vos peintures sur bois.
Merci à vous
Wow! from Lise - Sunday, Mar-19-2006
Love all of your work Su! I think you grow as an artist every day. You
have a passion that shows through despite the ups and downs of life. You actually use that passion to work through life's curves which is why it's so great. Lise
Barbro Hallen from Hallen Barbro - Wednesday, Mar-01-2006
Fabulous and amazing work.
Wood Nature Painting from Churchel Kate - Tuesday, Jan-17-2006
That really made me smile. A delicate touch of your hand makes the heart smile.
Enjoyed Your Site! from Daryl Budd - Tuesday, Dec-27-2005
Thanks Sue, for your nice words.....I had an enjoyable visit on your site. Such a variety of things to see. You are very gifted to be able to work in so many different mediums. I especially liked the caricatures and cartoons.... Great Work!......All the best in the comming year.
from estevan sask from deb fernandez - Wednesday, Nov-16-2005
good work....was very impressed with your work for persons suffering from Mental Illness
Tu progresses Su! from Betty caricaturiste Betty - Friday, Oct-28-2005
C'est bien tes portraits et caricatures évoluent, j'aime bien le style que tu y apportes en noir et blanc.
Plaisir et geaité from Valérie Béguin - Thursday, Oct-06-2005
J'apprécie vos travaux qui transmettent une certaine joie de vivre qui j'en suis sure sont à l'image de votre personnalité.
Merci pour votre esprit créatif.Je vous souhaite le meilleur pour la suite......!!!
My First Time from Judi Demers - Monday, Aug-15-2005
Hi Sue,
This is your Zellers person, we met at the card shop and talked like old friends. I do so loved your work and like I said too bad you don't have them for sale. Thanks for allowing me to view your work and for the great chat and laughter.
Thanks to all of you who have visited this art site - Suzanne Berton from Suzanne Berton - Tuesday, Aug-09-2005
Thanks again for visiting! Merci vous tous pour avoir visiter ce site! Su Berton
dr from Natalie Kerestes - Saturday, Aug-06-2005
Hello Suzanne,
great work!
I am Croatian and my grandmother was BERTON. Do you know where your origins are from?
Bonjour ma voisine dans l'ordre alphabétique du site ARTABUS from Betty caricaturiste Betty - Friday, Jun-17-2005
Merci d'avoir laissé un message sur mon livre d'or. J'aime vos visages sculptés dans le bois, ils sont très beaux et dégagent une sensualité. Il fait beau en France et au Canada?
Thank You Sandra K from Suzanne Berton - Monday, May-30-2005
I just wanted to thank Sandra for allowing me to use her wonderful photographs; She is really talented. I just wanted to show my appreciation for the gift of your photographs. Suzanne
Grandparent from Cathryn Boudreau - Wednesday, May-18-2005
The pictures are all lovely. Enjoyed it very much.
New stuff from Lise Lavoie - Friday, May-06-2005
Truly love all the new stuff...I especially love seeing the children laughing and smiling...what growth as an artist. Getting past the hurts truly is reflected in your work and is lovely to see. Love always, Lise
the clothesline from Denise Lavoie - Friday, Apr-15-2005
Hi Sue: Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list I really appreciate it. The latest one with the clothesline brings back memories of my mom as well. Thanks for bringing those good memories back to me. Hugs always
A friend from the past and the future
Denise Lavoie
Kunst-Epochen - Künstler, Gemälde und Bilder from Michael Dreßler - Friday, Apr-08-2005 stellt eines der größten Gemälde und Bild-Archive im Web zur Verfügung. Einfach mal vorbeischauen...
Great job! from Chantale Mercier - Friday, Apr-08-2005
I love all of your work!
Puppy Mania Aquarelle from Sandra Klassen - Saturday, Feb-26-2005
What a lot of daiseys! Super idea Su! Hugs Sandra
Another Berton from daniel berton - Sunday, Feb-20-2005
Just thought I'd saay hi,great work!
Grosbeak and chickadee. from Sandra Klassen - Saturday, Feb-19-2005
Please accredit 11 yr old Grandson Tyler B with the photo as it was entirely his!
Angels from Sandra Klassen - Monday, Feb-07-2005
Baby Angels and Child Angels Su, they're all wonderful! The changing patterns of light are of unpredictable iridescence, what was once sad and of abuse is now flooded with such soft light.Baby Angels glow with a dreamlike serenity....Keep Painting/carving/ dear Suzanne! Love Sandra
BERTONS from Doug Berton - Saturday, Feb-05-2005
Suzanne..I just happened to find your web site. My name is Doug Berton
I really enjoyed your paintings...I was reading some of your guestbook
and saw a story from Ken Berton.....I have an uncle named Ken Berton in California. I'm sure it's probably not the same one...but!! With a name B E R T O N spelled with a E instead of a U....somewhere down the line we possibly could be related. I think a lot of my family came from New York and up in that region. I was born in california and now reside in oklahoma. Anyway.....I thought it was interesting to find another BERTON spelled the same. Doug Berton 2/4/05
Love it from Amy Lavoie - Saturday, Jan-22-2005
I absolutly love the work you are doing. I'm so happy I have such a talented aunt in the family. I love the watercolors so much. Love you lots Amy
Thanks for the view: from Roger Berton - Sunday, Jan-09-2005
I like your work, especially your spontaneous choices ie. My Pup and Dandilions...Keep up the good work! Your Brother
latest watercolour from Lise Lavoie - Sunday, Dec-26-2004
Really love this one....Lise
these are terrific Sue from Colleen Moore - Wednesday, Dec-01-2004
I dont know much about art I am sorry to say but I do appreciate the the time you put in each peace. you have great talent and God has certainly blessed you. know with each peace there is much heart and soul in it
Great job
Colleen Moore
Would be artisan from barry chamberlain - Sunday, Nov-21-2004
just looking for an outlet for my work, and checking canadian carvers
Site from Youn bihan - Thursday, Nov-11-2004

Thank you from Sara Cronkwright (Berton) - Thursday, Nov-11-2004
Just a not to let you know that your art is beautiful and close to my heart! The memories are very special to me!

Suzanne Berton from Stacey Berton - Thursday, Nov-11-2004
I am just discovering all of this and I am amazed! Thank you from my heart for the way you have helped preserve the memories of my Memere and Pepere. I found the article you sent to the sun today, quite ironically; Wayne brought home that page of the paper because Wesley loves the Canadian Flag.... little did he know his great grandfather was on the other side! Thank you Suzanne, it brought tears to my eyes.
Disabled worker from The Hired Hand Grizz - Thursday, Nov-04-2004
I can tell this came from the heart
I'd love to put a poster in my Book Store! from Debra - Thursday, Oct-07-2004
Thanks for your e-mail and I have no problem putting a poster up. Do you think you can send one to me?166 King st. Gananoque,Ont. K7G 2M1. Thanks and best wishes! Deb
friend from Ginette Charron Gariepy - Thursday, Oct-07-2004
Suzanne, beautiful art work. It's hard to pick a favorite because they are all so great. Your wood carvings are marvelous. Continue using your great talent. Good luck on your coming exibition. Give God all the Praise and Glory. Amen. Your friend Ginette Gariepy
new from Lise Lavoie - Tuesday, Oct-05-2004
Love all the new pieces...good luck with your ex. We can see your growth as an artist with each new piece..

Faces and Hands Exhibit from Chris White - Wednesday, Sep-29-2004
hi Suzanne, look forward to October 2004 and viewing your work at Upstairs Gallery in Kingston, Ontario - saw your event notice on
dream pansies from eileen c;ough - Sunday, Aug-29-2004
wonderfull wonderfull art and the subject you have chosen su hugs eileen .c
Wow!! from Monique Mercier - Friday, Aug-27-2004
I love the colours you picked. Makes me happy when I look at your art.
all titles from eileen c;ough - Wednesday, Aug-25-2004
su the art work and carvings are exelant you are a true artist i just think all the art work and carvings are very good i like them all . the new ones just added i like steven dandilion and bubbles is exelent . hugs eileen .c
all titles from eileen c;ough - Wednesday, Aug-25-2004
su the art work and carvings are exelant you are a true artist i just think all the art work and carvings are very good i like them all . the new ones just added i like steven dandilion and bubbles is exelent . hugs eileen .c
My Coices from Sandra Klassen - Tuesday, Aug-24-2004
Interesting Su, how angst shows in the Torment carving, even darkening wooden knots add to the art! I just love the happy feeling of Dandelions, but then it was a favorite photo of mine. How wonderful you create someting new and ever bright from it!!(( Hugs ))Sandra
my choices from Lise Lavoie - Friday, Aug-20-2004
bubbles, canada geese both paintings, mesmerised stephen, nothern ontario ....are my the shadows and use of color....there is lots of life in these
CANGRANDS from Betty Cornelius - Sunday, Apr-04-2004
CANGRAMDS owes Su a special thank you for the lovley craving and use of her art work on our website. Thanks Su!
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