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star fish in love from Maria-Anna van Driel - Monday, Jan-17-2011
I really love this painting! Keep up the fine art you make.
Warm greetings, Maria Anna.

Rafaello from steve johnson - Saturday, Jan-15-2011
Great use of strong color. Rafaello's coat appears so shiny and his eyes so alive and intelligent. The red/white on the dog's collar is perfect. I love the painting,.... .... but I want the dog!!!
PS: I like the idea of painting R's upper body/head; not his entire body/legs etc. It may be time to paint the duck?? :) :)
Very Impressive from Jennifer Schlesinger - Monday, Jan-10-2011
I really enjoyed looking at your paintings. Your sunflower painting was a favorite. I particularly like paintings that depict one flower close up. -- Jen Schlesinger
fine,sensitive work from - Sunday, Dec-26-2010
I think your work is quiet amazing,
You are truly an asset to the art world.
The Cart from chrissy alessandro - Tuesday, Dec-07-2010
Love this one:)
New Art from Patricia - Saturday, Nov-06-2010
I love your "Sam's Garage" love what you did with the colors. My new favorite is your Mill Pond series. The reflections and colors are beautiful. You are very talented, and I can't wait to see your next painting!
I love the sunflower from Pat Rampolla - Saturday, Oct-30-2010
I came to look at your work just to feel peaceful and it worked!
Very beautiful from Elisa Bocchieri - Wednesday, Oct-20-2010
Mr. Valenit, These paintings are simply beautiful and peaceful. You have such a special talent. Keep up the great work. I will contiue to admire:)
Beautiful from Nicole Farmer - Wednesday, Oct-20-2010
WOW, I love your paintings. My favorites are the ones with the sunflower, the earth, and the spine. Perfect!!! Nicole Farmer (Sementilli- Larain's friend from college)
Spectacular! from Larain - Tuesday, Oct-19-2010
I really like this new one, clouds on lillies! I like the blue colors you used! Looking forward to seeing more creations and going to the park to paint.
beautiful! from chrissy alessandro - Wednesday, Oct-13-2010
Excellent work! Thanks for sending:) Julia likes them too:)
Thinking of you from Angela Lombardo - Tuesday, Oct-12-2010
Dear Sal,
Frank and I want to thank you so much for sharing your beautiful
art work............I'm impressed...xoxoxo Angela and Frank
Great Work from Mark Rampolla - Saturday, Oct-09-2010
Keep sharing your gift, you have great talent!
photography/painting from steve johnson - Friday, Oct-08-2010
Sal, I challenge you to PAINT your photograph of the"Central Park
Duck in the Stream" that you gave me.........which I love and is now hanging in my den. Steve
Just Beautiful! from Violet - Friday, Oct-08-2010
Absolutely beautiful! All your paintings are wonderful. You have such a talent. Keep them coming.
Starfish In Love from Chris Barbieri - Wednesday, Sep-29-2010
Sal, such beautiful work I really like Starfish in Love, and the sentiment behind Rosalie's Flower. You are very talented.
Claude Monet from Michele Hamilton - Friday, Sep-24-2010
Sal: I am really taken back with your paintings under Claud Monet. Every painting under this category is spectacular. My favorite is "Water". You have found your niche.
thanks for sharing from eileen starace - Wednesday, Sep-22-2010
Beautiful work. Your paintings are peaceful and soothing.
Clouds on Lilies from Gina Titus - Wednesday, Sep-22-2010
Very soft...sooo pretty.Thanks for sharing.
Very Nice from Maria Crowe - Wednesday, Sep-22-2010
I am a friend of Pat Rampolla and she recommended to view your work. It is very impressive. Thank you for sharing it with everyone. I really like the healer.
The newest one from Pat Rampolla - Wednesday, Sep-22-2010
I like your new one - keep on painting - keep them coming!
And keep me informed on new ones.
Pat R
the arts from steve johnson - Wednesday, Sep-22-2010
Sal, as you must know, many successful artists whether in painting or music etc. start by copying/learning from the famous artists. You learn their techniques and go from there. Picasso started by reproducing the pictures painted by the famous artists at the time and then discovered his own style. You must be inspired to do the same!! Steve
the arts from steve johnson - Tuesday, Sep-21-2010
Sal, as you must know, many succesful artists whether in painting or music etc. start by copying/learning from the famous artists. You learn their techniques and go from there. Picasso started by reproducing the pictures painted by the famous artists at the time and then discovered his own style. You must be inspired to do the same!! Steve
Clouds on Lily from Lilly Pensa - Tuesday, Sep-21-2010
Thank you for the e-mail. Do you sell your work?? I l really like it.
Alot of Talent from Antoinette McElroy - Tuesday, Sep-21-2010
Really beautiful! Nice colors,very peaceful looking!
It should be in Louvre, Paris. Antoinette
new Monet from Joan O\'Brien - Tuesday, Sep-21-2010
Sal, God bless you. This really beautiful. Keep going I enjoy seeing them. Mark &Jen's Aunt Joan
Beautiful work! from linda feeney - Sunday, Sep-19-2010
Sal, your work is beautiful.
paintings from Carolynn Petrelli - Saturday, Sep-18-2010
Hi Mr.V,

Love your work. Your talent is amazing. Please keep posting your latest work.
Gorgeous! from Katie Weindler - Friday, Sep-17-2010
Sal, your work is beautiful. I am very inspired by your work. Keep creating!

Katie Weindler
Beautiful from Joanne Rosalia - Thursday, Sep-16-2010
Absolutely love all of it but I do agree with some others that the Starfish in Love is also my favorite. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

Joanne Rosalia
thanks for sharing from abby kane - Thursday, Sep-16-2010
I especially like the abstract works!
Beautiful from Lois Hart - Thursday, Sep-16-2010
enjooyed all of the paintings!!! such talent!!!
comment on pictures from Joan O\'Brien - Thursday, Sep-16-2010
I think they are all beautiful because they are done from the heart. God bless you and stay well. Regards from Aunt Joan
Beautiful from Wendy Silverman - Tuesday, Sep-14-2010
I especially like and was drawn to the healer! Thanks for supporting CCFA! Wendy
Water Lilies :) from Lilly Pensa - Tuesday, Sep-14-2010
Beautiful Water lilies, my absolute favorite.Very dreamy and peaceful in a cozy way. I have a
replica of Monet's purple Iris's in my bedroom and your Water Lilies are just as beautiful . :)
Beautiful! from Amy Rampolla - Monday, Sep-13-2010
I agree with Kelly - I think Starfish in Love is my favorite!
Healer from Anthony M Henry - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Very Powerful imagery. Wonderful piece of work.
WONDERFUL from Kelly Farchione - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Such beautiful work! I think my favorites are "Starfish in Love" and "NY Skyline"! Continue the great work, such talent would be a waste!
Amazing! from Lori Charbonnier - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Very impressed- beautiful paintings!!!
wow! from heather - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Hi Sal, i think it is GREAT what you are doing for Team Challenge, and your artwork is CERTAINLY something you need to share. I loved Starfish and Healing. The colors on starfish were so warm and inviting, and as a nurse i very much appreciated Healing :). Keep on painting!
Amazing! from Lori Charbonnier - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Very impressed- such beautiful work!
Amazing! from Lori Charbonnier - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Very impressed- such beautiful work!
great work! from Colleen Rosalia - Monday, Sep-13-2010
A wonderful collection of paintings! You are very talented!

Colleen Rosalia
CCFA from Irene - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Great artwork. It's wonderful how yu are supporting Jen.
Jen's CCFA team mate LOVES your work. from Anne Pedersen - Monday, Sep-13-2010
I Really like Starfish in Love.

Awesome! from Anita Boyer - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Amazing work- it is so inspiring!
A beautiful take on Monet! from Race McGovern - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Beautiful work--and I'm sure the JPGs don't do justice to your pieces!
Talented Artist from Heather Stavrinadis - Monday, Sep-13-2010
We really enjoyed viewing your artwork!! You are a very talented artist
and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!
Amazing! from Heidi Loiacono - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Your work is incredible, beautiful, moving - fantastic. My favorite is the NYCskylight piece. I learned of your work through your daughter, Jen,as I, too, am running for CCFA - thank you for helping her fundraise for such a great cause. I'm so glad she shared your work with us!
He will donate $5 to my fundraising campaign from jarett glass - Monday, Sep-13-2010
im no artist or got into the art. but i do like your paintings. and thank you for help out the fundraising campain.
thank you! from Christina Lang - Monday, Sep-13-2010
Your paintings are very impressive! I enjoyed looking through them. I also want to thank you for every donation to the CCFA - You are changing lives in many ways.
Wow from Pat Rampolla - Monday, Sep-13-2010
You really are impressive.
May I commision you for something for next year's John G Rampolla golf outing? I hope you will consider this.
Thank you,
Amazing Work from Janine - Sunday, Sep-12-2010
Dear Uncle Sal, These are beautiful and I am so glad you are enjoying this wonderful new hobby. I always loved Monet and all the pieces are great. I Love You, Your Niece Janine
Beautiful Work! from Jen Rampolla - Saturday, Sep-11-2010
It is so nice to see all of your paintings on this site! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. Very creative stuff!
Very Cool! from Gina Titus - Tuesday, Aug-31-2010
I really like "Water Lilies"...just beautiful! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. Pastels is my medium!
I was not blessed with your acrylic talents!
cousin Gina Marie
Fabulous!! from Nirit Landisman - Monday, Aug-30-2010
They are all beautiful. I especially love the Starfish. Keep up the great work!
Félicitations from Hilde Schaufelberger - Sunday, Aug-29-2010
Votre série "Claude Monet" est un vrai régal pour les yeux !
Je vous souhaite de continuer ainsi , je ne manquerais pas de repasser sur votre galerie.
great job! from Michelle Levinson - Sunday, Aug-29-2010
Your paintings are terrific! I taught hs art for yrs and love Impressionism. Monet is one of my faves. You have done a great job capturing the style and making it your own. Beautiful work! Michelle Levinson- Mark's cousin
Beautiful Work! from Patricia - Wednesday, Aug-25-2010
Being a great fan of Impressionism, I think your paintings are beautiful. I especially love the Japanese Bridge and the Waterlillies. Look forward to seeing more.
beautiful! from Yuna Parmentier - Monday, Aug-02-2010
A superb hommage you do, I love your painting full of colors and so beautiful!
Bravo !
Yvette Parmentier /Artabus
Great pieces!! from chrissy alessandro - Monday, Aug-02-2010
Beautiful work, Uncle Sal! XO, Chrissy
Really Beautiful from Marie Augello - Monday, Aug-02-2010
Sal, Thanks for sharing - Marie
My Talented Uncle from Lara Marotta - Monday, Aug-02-2010
Your paintings are fabulous. I am so impressed with your talents! I can't wait to see your latest creation. Keep up the wonderful works you're creating. Go Uncle Sal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beautiful work! from Laurie Augello - Monday, Aug-02-2010

We love your amazing, gorgeous paintings.
Steve and Laurie
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