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Andrew Chisholm

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Great Stones from anna stier - Tuesday, Jul-14-2015
Just came over your recent work on artabus, great work on architecture and buildings! The stones and rocks are really impressive and detailed! Would like to be able to draw as realistic as you do...

kevin from susan chaffe - Sunday, Apr-04-2010
Hi Andrew! I am Kevin's mum - he was here yesterday and was regaling me (as he tends to do)with tales of your musical 'soirees' and your artwork - being a dabbler myself I was stuff is nothing like yours of course, but I enjoyed seeing what you do....
Maybe we shall meet you some day if Kev invites us......

Sue Chaffe
Hey, nice works! from Debra Tuckey - Wednesday, May-14-2008
Had some time to go online for once and thought I would check out my teach's painting site... very nice stuff! I am impressed... some of the paintings are very Dali -esque and I am big fan of Dali's

thanks for telling us about your art/site!

See ya in class!
Glad you mentioned it from Clare Smyth - Wednesday, Dec-27-2006
Hey Andrew, so glad you mentioned looking you up on the internet. I had no idea you painted the tarot. I'm an excellent reader (DON'T TELL MY MOM) and would love to look at you stuff up close. Feel free to send me an email. London isn't that far away
Happy Holidays
I never would have guessed! from Niki Pentland - Thursday, Aug-04-2005
Mr Chisholm, I'm impressed. At first glance I never would have guessed that you were the artitic type, but I really like your pieces, especially 'The House' and 'Crowchair' (the first version). I'm definitely going to check out the Fringe Festival. I guess that's it, so good luck and keep creating!
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