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Joakim Paz

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writer/non-profit consultant from meg white - Monday, Jan-29-2007
i love the almost persistent archetypal nature of some of these paintings. Othrs have a fantastic dream-like quality that feels almost meditative. The erotic series are some of the most seductive I have seen of late as they truly meet he definition of the word (i.e. tantilzing and not overly explictic.) Sacreds are so rich in tone and content. COLORS. COLORS. Question: are the trilogy paintings photographed out of focus or were they painted this way intentionally?

People are enjoying my floating box - thank you again.

- m
nice pic man from apai - Thursday, Sep-21-2006
hi joe,

how's everyting going,i'm sure u have a lot to show to me your new paintings,anyway i love to share with u,all the best man
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