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Georges Duval was born in june 1945, just after the war, in Malestroit, small village localized in Morbihan, one of the four district of Brittany (France).
After he had a pretty agitated time as a studend during may 1968 events in France, Georges Duval has dedicated his life to mathematics teaching for 40 years . Meanwhile he has been starting enjoying the beauty of certain curves and his notebooks were already full of sketches that had nothing to see with the conic theory ! It even happened that he made a quick drawing on one of his student paper.
He started painting as a self taught man in 1985, he was lead by his intuition and has followed the technical advises from Jose Luis Parramon books. However he should have known that when it comes to practice and training nothing equals the lessons from a "maître".
He spent 15 years in Pacific ocean, in New Caledonia island first and then in Wallis. Those days made him retaining nostalgia for the immensity of lagoons, the shimmering of the light in the hibiscus trees and the rusling of the curved palms blown by the trade wind. We can recognize this on the paintings he has brought from there, intensively inspired by this tropical period.
Later, Christian, a great painter, has drove him into a figurative workshop. He has shown him, patiently, the methods and technics that books cannot provide and has helped Georges to develop a new sensitivity.
Now he can dedicate his life to painting and sailing as he wish and explore the world seeking for new discoveries. Nothing surprising that the canvases very often deal with harbours, islands and their inhabitants !

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