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Dušan Wolczko

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Super ! de Luc POTTIEZ - Mercredi 24 août 2011
Toujours aussi magnifique !
Bravo !!!
looked at all your drawings de Will Howard - Jeudi 2 juin 2011
Hi Dusan - good to meet you at the RQAS recently - I admired your drawing style, and have enjoyed looking at all the drawings on this site. First time I have seen this website, so many artists on there. I will have to put some of my drawings and paintings on there.
Hope to catch up with you again on my next visit to Australia.
regards Will Howard
wonderful ! de Yuna Parmentier - Mercredi 28 juillet 2010
I love your life drawings! Such a talent ! Bravo !
Full of life, like a story on board!
Cool to be in Australia! :)
Yvette Parmentier /Artabus
Thanks for sharing, and imparting, your energy and your skill! de Robert Fowles - Mercredi 13 janvier 2010
I last looked at your inspirational drawings back in October 2006 and said to you then that 'I have learnt much from the study of your work'. I've just again stumbled on your Artabus collection and have realised how much you have contributed to the path that my own work has taken since then. I love the energy in your drawing; I am fascinated by the history of the drawing which to me is indicated by the construction lines which frequently are retained as an integral part of each piece; I love the boldness and inherent sponteneity which characterise each piece; I love the poses which your models so cleverly hold; and I just love to sit and scroll through, and pause, and reflect, on each of your drawings. Thanks so much for sharing your life and your wonderful creations.
toujours INCROYABLE !!! de claude DOS REIS - Mardi 22 septembre 2009
magnifiquement juste... de tout ce que j'ai vu comme artiste depuis ma naissance : LA leçon ! ;)

savage147 (com)
une belle approche du corps de Marie Bodart - Vendredi 4 septembre 2009
Bravo l'artiste! sensibilité dans le contraste et le "trait essentiel"
Précission de Bernadette Riaux - Samedi 21 mars 2009
coups de crayon magique, c'est un travail superbe, un style pur et dynamique
PUISSANT de Annick Prod'homme - Mercredi 7 mai 2008
Quel sens extraordinaire de l'observation, quelle force ! fantastique de ne pas faire d'un nu
quelque chose de banal.
Les nues. de Mohamed Labidi - Mercredi 30 janvier 2008
félicitation Dusan Pour le travail que tu nous montres, c' d'un génie en dessin et croquis ;quelle maîtrise. Je suis d'accord avec toi
quand tu dis ton but est de faire renaître cette façon de faire,bavo mon ami.Labidi m. je suis dans Artabus.
love ur drawings de gwen malvoisin - Samedi 19 janvier 2008
ur drawings are so beautiful...
keep ur touch
gwen from france
Excellent work de Carmen Tyrrell - Lundi 9 juillet 2007
A great satisfaction to look at your high class drawings.
Your style is honest, powerful and dramatic.
Good luck,
Carmen( Artabus)
I like your work de Eva Tiveri - Jeudi 14 juin 2007
very good work
coup de crayon de Virginie Duval - Vendredi 1 juin 2007
Vous avez un remarquable coup de crayon, vraiment expressif! Superbe !
Bravo... de Luc POTTIEZ - Mardi 17 avril 2007
Magnifique !
hello de melissa - Mercredi 22 novembre 2006
Such a dramatic extremly well exacuted self portrait a desparate frustrated fine artist in the realm of creating his master pieces with know regognition yet I cant believe you have time to go to work when your wardarobe is full of pictures instead of clothes it makes me wonder if the people reading this sight know if your still alive your pictures and you look like you are some great master of time gone bye such movement in your self portrait such sex apeal in your women reality exuding bueaty from the hand of an intlligent male your pictures also have flaunting and glamour entwined in natural gesture I hope people appreiciate the expertize and not just comment in line or in competition with there selfsented selves as artists other artists hopefully see your own style and you are the earned forsaken master of it no comparison yours truly credit of expertize I cant see what people look like to that deegree my brain doest seam to have that concentration staying power developed youhave definatly trained your brain through your hand so well nowoder why you have such a uniqe personality it souds like your thinking when you talk glad to be privliged to hav met you keep up your great work I know your life is dedicated to it thanks for letting me veiw and comment on your works your self portrait looks a bit like your the count from Melissa Bates.
Mr de Robert Fowles - Jeudi 26 octobre 2006
Very inspiring for me! I've been looking for how to get tonal contrast in my drawing of the nude figure. Now I will try charcoal.
I empathise with your technique which I feel is similar to mine, but I have learnt much from the study of your work as illustrated on your website. Thank you!
Stefan Dox de Stefan Dox Stefan Dox - Samedi 21 octobre 2006
There ate lots of useful information. I like it very much. It is so great. I`ll try to visit it more often.

nice work de paddy macfisto - Vendredi 6 octobre 2006
pretty racy stuff, methinks you either have some very uninhibited girlfriends/models or you've a serious porn collection. Either way nice style and a couple of the sitting down poses are really well seen.
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