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Magdalene Theocharis

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Your work... de Bertrand BEAUFOUR - Vendredi 3 décembre 2010
Your work is beautiful and I particularly like your approach on the 3-D mosaic.

wonderful ! de Yuna Parmentier - Vendredi 1 mai 2009
Beautiful mosaics !!!
I like the various themes and colours, I appreciate specially turquoise!!! I love Greece where I went several times !!! Good and clever work !
Yvette, painter on artabus.
mosaic art de gina argyrou - Samedi 14 février 2009
I enjoyed viewing your mosaics. I am a new mosaic artist and lived in Rodos for 20 years but am now in the USA but am planning to move back to Greece. Do you offer any classes on Byzantine mosaics? if you'ld like to review my work please email me and I will forward my web site to you
Mosaics in Athens de Helen Miles - Jeudi 2 octobre 2008
I love your work and have recently arrived in Athens. I have been making mosaics for the past four years or so but am always ready to learn more. I would very much like to know if you run classes, and if not, where you would recommend that I go in order to take lessons here. With many thanks in advance. Helen. 693 6691320.
Its beautiful de Zian C. - Jeudi 15 mars 2007
I like all your mosaics and specially the mystical.
I appreciate the smallest of the rocks and the quality of the draw make with defined lines.
Good work!
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