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A four hands.
They paint and carve on the same works for almost 40 years, their work is done patience, relations of mutual trust and complementarity.
"We structure our lives by always wanting. Art is a common practice of everyday life, one year of existence."
The obligation we made to break with tradition to create ever new.
At the DVD, it is mandatory appeared to split our work into chapters.
It is the progress of a thought that changes as it takes shape, it takes just one work of recomposition and rearrangement.
The fight that led us to this work, reveals segments interrupted lines that seem organize space. Each piece requires special treatment, including the likelihood appears as an abstract entity and aesthetics. That fraction becomes painting. The source loses any reference, while able to identify a source.
It is precisely this mystery of a home that allows excerpts to break free and appear in more forceful.
The thinking, concentration, research, consultation on the different themes that inspire them, leaving footprints of passing time.
The cords that hold life, tears, prayers and the joys that make their creations are an ongoing search, a spiritual quest.
Their painting is a reflection of the external world, or the inner world, and often both at the same time: "Everything that we feel, we interpret it in our own way and we will print our own colors, because who in the soul takes shape and becomes a visible reality. "
They try to bring in the visible, invisible world that exists only in our hearts. They seek to give equivalence in a readable image, and to share it with those who déchiffreront.
Designers, artists Gerfau, are surrounded of directors, choreographers, actors, dancers, writers, artists.
"We therefore put at the disposal of all those who love to create."
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