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Excuse me for my bad English.

A native of Charente-Maritime and now living near Bordeaux, I always liked to draw. Already at school, I always sketch characters Asterix that I distributed around me, to friends and teachers. But at the age of 17 years that I did my first portrait on single sheet of A4 paper. And it is the starting point of a passion for portraiture that never left me ..

Over the years, with no classes or training whatsoever, I developed a personal technique with a graphite pencil, I create portraits from photographs.
But it was not until the year 1999, during which I broadened my registry by making pictures of characters (Nus, draping, newborns, etc ...) that I do know by participating in several Fairs and Exhibitions of paintings, and winning numerous awards.

Since 2010, I gradually began to add color to my pictures, using pencil and pastel colors.
For me, the design is above all a pleasure, a passion. My work therefore have no message to convey. I choose my subjects, my themes, according to my tastes, my desires and my mood.
The beauty, tenderness, sensitivity and sensuality inspire me and I am happy when you can feel it all through my paintings.


Since 2004, I break for Exhibitions and Fairs, I prefer to focus on cultural events on 2 or 3 days (Weekend in Association, Christmas markets, etc ...) where I have a booth to explain some paintings and draw to the public to show my technique and chat.

 2009 19th Exhibition of Painting Lions Club Bordeaux.
2008  : 
2nd Exhibition "Material A" Villenave d'Ornon.
2004: 27th Exhibition of Art Blows up of
2003: 13th Show of Lion's Painting Club
         16th Show Eysin' Art.
         Show of Free Artistic Expression
         of Bègles.
2002: Exhibition "France-Africa" in
         St Loubès's dome.
         12th Show of Lion's Painting Club
         of Bordeaux.
         1st Show of the Arts of Gradignan.
         25th Show of the Plastic arts of
         16th Show Eysin' Art.
         Show of free artistic expression
         of Bègles.
         3rd Price Watercolour Drawing
         in the competition of painting of tcity of Bordeaux
2001: Exhibition " France-Etat-Unis " in
         St Loubès's dome.
         1st Show " Léognan in Art ".
         24th exhibition of Plastic arts in
         17th Show of the artists Béglais.
         personal exhibition in the Space
         Cultural Georges Brassens of
2000: 17th Show of the Arts to Blanquefort.
1999: 16th Show of the Arts to Blanquefort.
2004: 1st Price drawing
         in the 27th Show of Plastic Art of
2003: 1st Price drawing
         end special Price of the Show
         in the 13th Show of Painting of
         of Lions Club of Bordeaux.
2002: Price of the President
         in the 16th Show Eysin' Art.
         Retail price
         in the Show of Free Expression
         Artistique Béglais.
         1st Price drawing
         in the 12th Show of the Lions Club of
         3rd Price Watercolour Drawing
         in the competition of painting of the
         city of Bordeaux
2001: 1st Price drawing
         in the 24th Show of Plastic arts of
         Retail price
         in the 17th Show of the Artists
1999: 1st Price drawing
         and Retail price
         in the 16th Show of the Arts of

All unknown portraits exhibited in the gallery were made to order from photos. You too can make a portrait from photo.

To request information, fill out the contact form. I will answer by return.

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