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Amateurish photographer fascinated for macro natural abstracts. I present original images where I look for aesthetics and message...

My models are torrents of running water and I try "to paint" them by means of my digital technology as a painter would doubtless make it.

I add poetry and romanticism at the same moment in recording and in the depiction.

I wish that the spectator involves in my message and adds to it his.  


"           "Until read in its thoughts…" was the title which I had chosen to illustrate this glass mask and, today, I invite you to read in mine through what follows but also by the interpretation which you will make of my works.
I was interested in the photo as a big part of the population nowadays when the technology gives easily access to the most complex.
I have no basic knowledge and "underwent" no formation. So, I shall not venture to speak about techniques that I do not master. I work to the instinct, in a empirical way, me there pass lot of time but as I become attached more to the artistic value than in the purely technical value, that is convenient for me … Finally, I mean that I content myself with it! Naturally, I would like to have the talent and the knowledge of such or such but I remain humble in front of these.
Except the traditional photos, I bent very fast over the "macro". Besides that she allows original results which would not appear "to the bare eye", it incites to make a break, to stop on its road, to observe instead of running: "do not pass close" of natural, spiritual or sentimental beauties if we have the luck to cross them …
I thus began with macro in forest or in fields: I pulled it moments of happiness and I always looked for to transform some nature into abstraction but with a preconceived idea every time. Not the abstract for itself but to write a message, a thought, a reflection to speak to me, to myself, and if possible for those who would indeed like to exchange with me. It seemed to me that the abstract got more feelings than the representational artist and at least incited to enter the work, to seize it, to comment on it and sometimes to monopolize it through the intimate and personal translation that we could make it. The artist translates it his own sensibility, the spectator puts his own feelings there.
This play of transmission of the artistic thought between the author and the spectator interests me because this last one, more sought, involves more in the initiative. It becomes an actor and puts itself too in scene through its imagination.
Furthermore, the abstract often drives to the dream, to the rambling of the spirit and call to the depthes of the being, intellectually or spiritually.
The wish of every artist, I hope for it, is to leave behind him but especially behind each of its works, an emotional reaction, a feeling of happiness, critic sometimes, but to leave something … I have often in memory Simone Veil's famous poem, " It will stay of you ". Without using the future or taking place in the context of a disappearance or an interruption, I like to think that there is at least a suspicion of emotion in a maximum of visitors who will have gone through my site or my portfolio, a reward in this offering that we make all for our public…

" It will stay of you what you gave.
Instead of keeping it in rusty safes … "
Simone Veil

I return to my perverse tendencies for the interpretation of the natural detail and to my strolls in forest. I fast realized that this type of macro was not rather sports! Too static and thus with predictable results, without chances! It is then that I thought of some lively and whimsical water, a material which would be rebel and would not leave me the total initiative of the final result. It would be necessary to count with Her!
A symbol appeared at once at my spirit: this water which I saw running and glittering under my eyes was the physical, alive translation, of a more intimate search on the universe, the place of the earth in this one, the man on this one (and in that one!); on the infinitesimal and the infinitely big; on the water molecule which I get and its meaning; on the circulation of the energy between the human beings whatever they are; on our relations with elements and material; on the "Whole" of which we are a part but which is also in us …

"The droplet knows maybe that it is in the ocean
but does she also know that the ocean is in it?"
Oriental Saying

And thus, I imagined myself that this element observed in brooks or torrents of my region could become the "vital lead" between the sky and the earth, the divine (or the cosmic according to each) and the human being, the impalpable and the concrete.
The reflections for what comes from the top, the transparency for what comes from the bottom, the quite shaken and transformed by the jokes of the current, by the thoughtful natural light or "refracted" without forgetting the collusive shade on which I try to play to bring to the foreground all the more my "objects" and create atmospheres.
The tool to seize the moment was naturally the bridge Olympus, light and handy, which I possessed (by waiting better). It would serve as "paintbrush" "to paint" the "paintings" which I staged with my spirit, according to my sensibility of moment and the humor of my partner!
Beyond what I am developing, it is obvious that the shape which I look for is above all aesthetic: a message would be illegible if it was presented in a unpleasant way. And thus, I attempt to propose harmonious pictures in the eye while conveying "something" for your pleasure and the respect which I owe you. The plan of my thought lives but I add it in the course of my experiments the sensualism necessary as artistic vector.
I would like to underline here how much are derisory and superficial the subtitles which I enjoyed placing in front of every photo. It is about a simple wink of eye, more or less happy, a feature of humor sometimes: the main part is not especially there, as far as each can find in these abstractions many other resemblances. Let us be very conscious that it is "about a first degree there".
Let us come to my territory of preference there: brooks, torrents! Naturally, each of them has its character, its "physical appearance", its flow and its lighting, its environment and its materials furthermore, it varies "intinsequement" according to the seasons, the hour of day, etc. …
The procedure of contact is now established well! I arrive humbly, respectfully, on a site and I observe:

"A man looks at the brook.
The brook answers him. "

I approach this Water, I choose a first place where I test it, It (or Her!!) tests me! The beginning is always, really always, disastrous! It is worth nothing, I take myself there badly! "She"(or "it"!) makes deliberately oppose me, twist itself everywhere as I find a fault! Do not fail! That is going to come! Suspense maintained by the muddled movements of the one and the restlessness of the other one! And indeed, at the end of good about ten minutes, by means of caresses of the digital technology, the preliminary indispensable(!), the vibrations begin, the excitement rises as soon as the first sights of control are (almost) made a success, the liberation, the enjoyment is not far and will occur sooner or later, now I know it!
And it occurs, two, three, four "shot" made a success the "mystery" is drilled! When that works, we savor, we delight, we would not change any more the angle and the regulation so the osmosis remains, is tied up, hangs on … The later selection will be there only more difficult but it is now certain that a picture at least is going to be convenient for me!
At the beginning of our relations (!), the scenario reproduced in the identical during the lapse of time which I dedicated to the same brook. Little by little I managed to master better, to build, to conceive, to dominate and either to undergo. I arrive, imperceptibly, delicately, to direct the "paintbrush" to support only certainly (almost!) … Oh! That does not manage every time but the pleasure to compose itself a sight while the subject is mobile, quivering and whimsical, is there only more intense!
My future (photograph)? Continue my discoveries in this a little irrational magic frame! To perfect me in my behavior by means of the "reflex" recently acquired. And especially, especially, bring always more sensations to those who are sensitive to my artistic proposition.
Let us add maybe a thought less pointless than the pleasure of the senses … Let us hope, for the humanity, that our brooks will not dry up in spite of the madness of "some" (and of us all!) and that they will continue to connect the summit of our mountains in the deepest oceans: it will be the sign that our planet is being saved through this symbol of life which represents the Water.
Good visit! That these modest dumped get you so much pleasure as the one that I had to present them to you …

"Of passion and running water …

Live water which I caress,
I drink you until the drunkenness.
I drown myself between your waves,
Soon my soul raves there.

My friendly soul desperately,
Melancholy simply.
Crazy passion I give you,
Under my hands you give way.

Resemblances? Very vaguely,
Because I paint you abstractly.
But these strolls in the course of the water
Often transport me in the highest.

I write vague flashes of wit,
But you for a long time you took me.
My Water, I call you my crumb,
With you I saw my life.


Peace and excitement of the water are reflected in my spirit
I believed for a long time that an intense internal life distributed me of communicating beyond the strict suitable. I discovered that it stayed in me some more of available place to listen to. Since, I show more humility: those that I listened were often richer than me.

Often a glance gets more emotion than a long conversation.

A light shines at the bottom of eyes? For the knowledge we look.

In 50 years, we are sure to have made half of the road. Cut engines, we shall  hear better!

The pleasure, the fusion of two bodies,
 The love, the meeting of two hearts,
The paradise, the contact of two souls.

For the attention of those who asked to me for it: I am male (!), I have a scientific formation and several tens of year of engineering in my active person... That does not maybe help too much for the artistic sensibility???


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