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Perfume bottles.
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Quantic Art
And the Verb made flesh
Stained glass windows;
The Eternals
Of the Eternal in the Short-lived
Sculptures dynamic and interactive fractal

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I was born in Normandy in 1953,

By the drawing, the pastel, the oil, the feather, the photo, the ball-point, and now design motion, interactive kinetic sculptures, tesselations and fractales dynamic, my work aims at lifting the veil a little on a nature designed as an object to be tried to decipher, and as a subject to which the artist lends the word.

In every intention and artistic gesture, this one can be only just and "obligee", is in the logic of the esthetics of the work and in the logic of its own approach, in the righteousness of the correctness of tones and their intensity, but, and that is there the condition of the artist its judgment will never be completed, it is necessary to know how to more or less try of  to satisfy with it, difficult to admit its condition.

Art, if it is not revolutionary and thus visionary in every sense of
the word, is only its own plagiarism. The important is to be pleased, to
discover the Nature and the work of others, and if we have the health,
to work on large formats.

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