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Bertrand Beaufour - Enter the gallery

I am born in Normandy on March 1953.

Through drawing, pastel, oil, pen, photo, ballpen, and now motion graphics, interactive kinetic sculptures, tesselations and dynamic fractals, my job is to raise somewhat the veil on a nature conceived as an object to try to decipher, and as a subject to which the artist lends parole.

How to  occur?
What is Art?  is it obliged to be revolutionary to be? is it more important to go to fishing than making art?
The whole is to be fully in the present time to oneself and others,  is it simply  less "common" than others and when one gives up oneself is it an obligation ..?

The important  is to do fun and have fun, to experience nature and the work of others, be curious, explore, work on large sizes, and in the words rediscover Picasso over the years making look older happiness to draw like a child.

Please enjoy your visit to my gallery

 *Quoted on : Guid' arts.

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