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"Bitternes and wish"

To be honest, i must say i don't know much about
painting. So when André Ponce asked me to write a few lines about his
own painting, it wasn't an easy challenge to accept, but it was an
attractive one.
First his pictures have titles just like novels and
poems. They aren't called "oil on wood" or "installation", they are
named The greasy pole woman, pitiable Pierrot or A window over winter,
they mix heat with cold, moderation with drapery, play of lights and
drapery lines. His paintings are both dark and gleaming.
If you are a
carefull look at them you can percive touches of live, things, simple
elements, ofen fire, sometimes lead, nearly always blood and lymph, ice,
seaweeds and bodies. Feelings of bitterunfullfilled expectations are
intimately mingled with desire.
And that is the purpose, if not the
mission of any artist and André Ponce is particularly clever at it:
nenturing to create something from madness.

Remo Gary

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