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Alexis Fançois Amiguet born in january 1942 in Lausanne on the swiss shore of Leman lake.

I961 -  he "fell" into this passion of photography, this means of expression, knowledge and observation will never leave.

following a technical training in the field of construction electro - mechanical, it will join in 1969, a research laboratory at epfl in the field of earth sciences-section hydro - meteorology. In his role as manufacturer of measuring instruments, is an autodidact he will have to discover, but also a need to use different film cameras in true and false color (infrared), but also the dark room n 'will be no secret for so many developments and expansions. These missions in north africa also enable it to many reports on the techniques of water conservation and soil. He took the opportunity for staff to capture the men, nature and architecture.

this passion for the image leads to occupy a non-negligible part of his leisure time on these trips or in the alps.

he never leaves the black / white photograph of the debut of the year 1961 and he described to this day be the aristocracy of photography.

this disciple of nicephore niepce has a very large quantity of slides, films as silver in color and black / white. retired since january 2007, the program almost daily a few hours to a strict selection of slides and negative elements emerging from the batch are scanned in high resolution. the tests used are then carefully presented in a box ... the film will read in a hundred years, but what will he scanned items on a computer system, no one knows!

gradually, since 2000, I opted for digital.

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